Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Minus one net

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Hopefully what comes across in this comic is that, the library job was my safety net. It was nice thinking that no matter what I'm more likely to have a job then not. Granted it was a little overbearing to think I'd get the job without a hitch. But I honestly believed I could.

Now, I wait till the end of June where essentially I will be asked to leave. They can't afford me and I'm not a student here, so that means bye bye.

In the end it may be for the better. Now I have to move on. All be it by force, but I don't make changes very willingly.


"Changes. Turn and face the strange. Changes. Don't want to be a richer man. Changes. Turn and face the strange. Changes. Just gonna have to be a different man. Time may change me. But I can't trace time."
(Changes, David Bowie)

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