Friday, May 18, 2007

A sea of black hats & Sassafras

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Well I did. After five years I graduated college. It's a funny feeling, I'm not as excited as many would think. I just have the usual anxieties.

The thesis show was cool. Every bodies work looked good and everybody was all dressed up and shit. My Mom, Grandma and Pa, and my Aunt Helen all came to the show. They loved my short and demanded copies of it to show everybody, haha. When I get some free time I'll burn some DVDS.

Around quarter of 4 Mom took me over to the Tweeter to get pictures. I ended up in the third row on the edge, so I'm sure I can find me. Afterwards we stood for about an hour waiting till we have to walk in. The ceremony was pretty good. Everyone was quick and concise. The diploma handing out was the thing that took forever. Lot's of psychology majors. As I told the lady sitting next to me, "What would Freud say?" something about sex I bet.

After the festivities Mom and Co whisked me off to Outback for a celebration dinner. After that we called it a night.

Graduation aside, a friend of mine clued me into a contest being run by the City Paper for a comics issue. This gives you guys a chance to let your voice be heard. So I ask you guys to give me YOUR top 10 favorite comics that I have done. Granted that's a lot of comics to think about from a very very long list of comics. But I figure that it be better for the audience to choose the ones that best represent me to show another audience. So I'll keep reminding you all weekend and you leave me a comment, email me, or tell me in person. Thanks guys.

I'm Tim Aichele college graduate, saying goodnight and congrads to all my classmates and friends, MUCH LOVE TO ALL OFF YOU!!!!

"And when you finally fly away. I'll be hoping that I served you well. For all the wisdom of a lifetime. No one can ever tell."
(Forever Young, Rod Stewart)
Our graduating song, no lie.

It also occured to me that I forgot to post a comic on Wednesday. What happened was that my internet was down, and by the time it got got back up I forgot to post the comic. Many apologies and here is Wednesdays comic

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